6:52 PM

So You Think You Can Scrap - Week 1

So I made it past the first round of SYTYCS at http://www.letscaptureourmemories.com!! It was a fun challenge - clean and simple. I was a little stumped at first because I tend to put lots of elements into my layouts, so I looked to the Queen of Clean, Kathy Thompson Lafoley (http://kathythompsonlaffoley.typepad.com/) for inspiration. I love the way she can put such simple shapes and geometric organization and have a beautiful result. Here is the finished layout:

Is it wrong of me that I love how miserable he looks in these pictures??? I felt awful for the poor little guy, but he looked so cute and vulnerable in hind sight.

Week 2 challenge is monochromatic. It is one that I was looking forward to because I thought it was an obvious (and difficult) choice for a challenge at some point. But -wow - did I ever struggle! I used a pic that I've been meaning to scrap for a while, picked the accent color that I wanted to use and pulled everything that I owned in that color...and then drew a complete blank. I was super tough but, three nights of scrapping later, I finished it. I'm happy with the result, but pretty shocked at the length of the process. I've never had to sit down more than twice to finish a layout and this took about 5 sittings of working away and then stepping away and coming back to it. The results are posted on Friday, so I'll be back then to show you what I came up with. I'll give you a bit of a tease....the color I used is....drumroll, please....orange.