5:01 AM

Useful Art

Don't you love when you can create something that is great to look at but also useful? I created this door-hanging for the Big Girls DT call (didn't get it BTW, boo) and I've had tons of compliments on it - even from the teenage boys who live in my residence. For those of you who don't know, my husband and I live in a junior boys residence at our school and he is the Daddy-Away-From-Home for 28 boys, ages 10-17. About 75% of the time, he is the go-to guy if they have questions or anything and the other 25% it is assistant-housparent who lives up-stairs. Sometime they get confused and knock on our door when she is the one on-call. So this sign solves that problem as there is no question as to who is on-call...and it looks pretty good too.

The arrow between Greg and Maryelle is a Piggy Tales slider, so it changes the direction of the arrow by sliding the cover over when the on-call teacher changes.

I didn't know what colors to use for this project because it had to be boyish, but not babyish. So I looked in some of DHs Sports Illustrated and all the ads had this same color scheme.

I really liked the way the colors turned out and as a bonus, I got to use up some yellow!


Tina said...

This looks FAB!!! I just love it!!
I had no idea you lived in residence!! How cool is that?
Did you ever get the RAK I left for you at Paws?... just curious! :)

Tanya said...

SUPER cool!! great job Dayna!