6:01 AM

Finally published!!!

I just got an email from Scrapbook Trends magazine asking me for one of my altered Christmas items for their Holiday Ideas book. I am soooo excited! It was something that I sent as an after-thought. It isn't something that I really like very much, but it was Christmas-y, so I sent it. Oh well, it is getting published and that is all I care!!

4:57 PM

March Break is a wonderful thing!

Everyone knows that one of the many perks of being a teacher is having March Break. Well, one of the many perks of being an Private School teacher is two weeks for March Break!! I have been off since Wednesday and I'm loving it. Living at the school with my students makes the school breaks seem all the more relaxing. I love the kids, don't get me wrong, but two weeks with no knocks on the door for homework help or to sew a button on or for advice on what to buy a girlfriend for her birthday....the list goes on...is really nice.

Greg and I went to Maine on the weekend and I went silly on the clearance wall at Lane Bryant. The difference in plus size clothing in Canada and the US is ridiculous. Up here, we have our choice of different shades of sweat pants or really old lady floral flour sack dresses. I bought at least 30 different items over the course of 24 hours and I love them all! And I saved over $800 according to the receipt!

The weather hasn't been great for March break, but the kids don't seem to mind. Rhett, Sutter and I went out in the snow exploring the campus and they had a blast. Check out how much snow we have. It reminds me of a "when I was young" story waiting to happen. I can just hear Rhett telling his grandkids about the winter of 09 when the snow was 18 ft high and he had to walk 2 miles to the dining hall, uphill both ways....

5:01 AM

Useful Art

Don't you love when you can create something that is great to look at but also useful? I created this door-hanging for the Big Girls DT call (didn't get it BTW, boo) and I've had tons of compliments on it - even from the teenage boys who live in my residence. For those of you who don't know, my husband and I live in a junior boys residence at our school and he is the Daddy-Away-From-Home for 28 boys, ages 10-17. About 75% of the time, he is the go-to guy if they have questions or anything and the other 25% it is assistant-housparent who lives up-stairs. Sometime they get confused and knock on our door when she is the one on-call. So this sign solves that problem as there is no question as to who is on-call...and it looks pretty good too.

The arrow between Greg and Maryelle is a Piggy Tales slider, so it changes the direction of the arrow by sliding the cover over when the on-call teacher changes.

I didn't know what colors to use for this project because it had to be boyish, but not babyish. So I looked in some of DHs Sports Illustrated and all the ads had this same color scheme.

I really liked the way the colors turned out and as a bonus, I got to use up some yellow!

5:36 PM

Application Anxiety

I'm about to send off my application to the Bad Girls Kit Design Team call. I'm pretty new to the site, but the work is incredible and the kits are unbelieveable. I haven't applied for anything this big before, so my fingers are crossed. Wish me luck!!!

6:33 PM

Having fun with photoshop!!

I've been loving playing around with Photoshop brushes lately. Last night I found some piercing brushes and ended up creating this:

Of course, I couldn't wait to wait to scrap it. I have always loved tattoos and used to have an eyebrow ring, so this layout is about what could have happened if my life had taken a different path.

5:40 PM

My LOs are really there!!!

Looky what was posted on the Scrapbook and Card Today blog (http://www.scrapbookandcardstodaymag.typepad.com/ ). It seems like Christine is having a great time hob-nobbing (sp?) with the big wigs of the scrap word. To the left of the picture, you can see the LOs that Beth Sear and I did for the show. My layouts are at CHA and scrapbook legends are looking at them. I am way too excited about this, aren't I? Oh well, it isn't the dorky blog for nothing...

4:48 AM

Black River Designs

Today, my friend Christine Campbell is off to CHA to show off her beautiful line of papers and rub-ons. You can check it out on her website: http://www.blackriverdesigns.ca/. I have the privilege of designing for her and I've loved having a chance to play with her products. I'm so pumped to have some of my layouts on display at her CHA booth - its almost like I'm there...but instead I'll be here in NB freezing cold (but I'm not bitter). Here are some of my favorite BRD layouts:

7:04 PM

Let's Get This Blogging Started...

So, after having this blog sit empty for a few weeks, I decided I'd better get started and put down my first few words. I've been doing a lot of scrapbooking lately because of all of the challenges going on at my LSS. I spend most of my time online at http://www.pawsonscrapbooking.com/ surfing the board and taking part in the challenges. It is a great community of ladies with tons of great layouts to check out for inspiration and challenges to keep you going. Right now, there is the Winter Sketch Fest going on with lots of great sketches to keep you motivated. Here are the first two layouts that I've done for the WSF: